Most common standard garage door sizes

There are several standard garage door sizes available on the market. The main reasons why you would want to go with standard size for your garage doors are rather simple:

  • price: standard sized doors are cheaper than custom made with specific size
  • availability: if often occurs that standard garage door sizes are available sooner, maybe they are already in stock, so you don’t have to wait for too long

The garage door sizes are divided into three main groups: golf cart size, single car door size and double car door size. Let’s take a look at their dimensions.

Golf Cart Size
Standard dimensions of a golf cart size are 5 x 7 feet, 4 x 8 feet and 6 x 8 feet. Besides these most common size there are also other options you can use, if the opening for your doors is not exactly this big.

Single Car Door Size
The typical single car door sizes range from 8 x 7 ft, 9 x 7 ft and 10 x 7 ft. Besides these there are also some other dimensions available: 8 x 8 ft, 9 x 8 ft and 10 x 8 ft.

Double Car Door Size
Standard garage door sizesStandard sizes for double car doors are: 12 x 7 ft, 14 x 7 ft and 16 x 7 ft. As you would expect, there are more variations available, you can get doors in sizes 18 x 7 ft, 12 x 8 ft, 14 x 8 ft, 16 x 8 ft and 18 x 8 ft.

The sizes written here are the most common and most widely available sizes on the market. Before buying, we recommend you to check the exact size of the opening of your garage and keep in mind that you can make the opening smaller if needed by additional line of bricks. Also maybe you will be able to get the size of doors that are not listed here as standard garage door sizes that will fit your garage perfectly so our advice is to ask the seller about other possibilities.

Non-standard garage door sizes

What to do, if your door opening is non standard and it does not fit any of the above dimensions? The good news is you still have a lot of options for your garage doors. The first thing you need to know (apart from the size of your door opening of course) is what type of garage door do you want to install. We have written a separate article where you can learn all about the specifics of various garage door types so if you are interested you can go there. If you don’t have the time, here is a quick summary with info about possible garage door sizes for each type of door.


Roller shutter garage doors

Sectional overhead garage doors

Up and over garage doors

Side hinged garage doors

Sliding sectional garage doors

Maximum height No limit 10 feet 7 feet No limit No limit
Maximum width No limit 24 feet 8 feet (no springs)
14 feet (springs)
10 feet (more with special hinges / door) No limit

* No limit – of course there is a limit to the size, but because of how garage doors are installed and operated, they can be made really big – it is very unlikely that you would need garage door in the size that exceeds available sizes.

If you don’t know yet what type of doors you are going to install, you should decide that based on your preferences and the size of the door opening. If you have a small opening of the non-standard size, you can probably take any type of doors you want. If the opening is somewhat larger than usual, you may be forced to choose one of the types that are available in larger garage door sizes.

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